There are dozens of similar booths at a trade show or an expo. You might welcome a nice booster that makes your one really stand out. And what’s a better way to acquire their attention than having a cool game? (Handing out chocolate, maybe, but we can’t help with that.)

A quiz game is not just a game. Having the proper quiz questions, you can deliver your message to the players. They will remember the solutions unconsciously. However, stay moderate, take care of carefully mixing funny, entertaining, and educational questions. 

You might consider rewarding the players who achieve a pretty good score. 

The quiz is best served on tablets. It tablets may be handed out by hosts / hostesses, or you can use tablet stands. This way the login is faster and more convenient. During the login, the players are asked for their email addresses. This way you can efficiently collect email addresses for follow-up. Our system rejects invalid email addresses. 

At the end of the event you can have a drawing of lots to reward the luckiest players. This chance is another reason for the passerby to participate, and another reason to ask for their email addresses, as you can contact the winners via email.