A good conference is interesting and captivating for each of the attendees. On one hand, the interesting topics and good lecturers are essential. You got this under control. On the other hand, you can engage and involve the audience to have their undivided attention. Interesting games and interactivity may be the best solution. And this show is all about interactivity! 

The Q&A and the Poll activities can be used anytime during the conference to get the feedback of the participants. Make them know that their opinion is important. Give them floor to express their point of view. Ask them what they think or how they feel. 

Even the lecturers can make a quick poll during their presentation – the audience will feel involved and they will be hooked on the topic immediately. Or you can take it more light-heartedly, e.g. ask them about how did they like the catering. You can even string a few funny questions on a playful thematics of your event. 

There’s another goodie for the beginning of your event. Setting the mood. Breaking the ice, you might say. The Welcome activity is responsible for building a friendly mood by welcoming the participants on the big screen just as they log in. 

And guess what, by seeing the names of the logged in participants on the big screen, you can even pave the way for the networking session. One can remember a name more easily if they have encountered it beforehand, e.g. on the big screen with the Welcome activity. The participants will be glad for making their networking easier.