Icebreaker Quiz with Branding

Spice up your event with this quiz game! The players will enjoy a short game at the beginning of your event, meanwhile you can make your brand more attractive and more appealing.
Quick Info
⏰ Est. duration:
5-10 min
👤 Minimum participants:
👥 Maximum participants:
🌟 Included addons:
Custom Branding
💵 Starting price:
$ 100
Template Details

Playing is an essential part of being human. We love playing as it helps us learning, manages stress, develops cognitive skills, and so on. And of course it’s fun!

You can utilize all the benefits of playing at your event, and attach all of these experiences to your brand. Besides it is an excellent icebreaker!

The players can join the game on their smartphones. No download required, they only need to open a browser; all instructions are on-screen. You may have up to 1000 participants and unlimited number of quiz questions. However, we recommend 10-15 quiz questions for a typical icebreaker game. 

During the quiz we show interesting statistics (e.g. percent of correct answers), a good MC can reflect on those during the game. At the end of the quiz you can show the Leaderboard and reward the most successful players. 

And all of this happens under the name of your company or brand. Next time, when the players of this game will think of your brand, this nice game and the good atmosphere will come to their minds.


  • Upload your logo and optionally your background
  • Check the quiz questions whether you like them. You may change them and add your own ones.

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