Playing sports games would be difficult at most of the expos and trade shows, wouldn’t it? But not this one! Here we got an awesome game that will make your booth memorable and compelling. And can’t say it’s too easy! The players have to run with all their might – or at least all the might they can squeeze into two of their fingers.

Your booth will need a big screen (probably a bigger TV) and some tablets on stands; we recommend having 3 to 5 iPads there.

As a guest approaches your booth you can invite them for a short game, just 1 or 2 minutes. The game will be fun for the players, plus it’s really spectacular, so it will attract others to watch the game. Your host/hostess team can then discuss your message with the players and they can invite the viewers for the next round. This will attract even more viewers – more people to share your message with.

The best way to share your message is to give something valuable first. With this game you can honestly entertain your guests and make them feel at ease. And after a refreshing game, you can move on to your main objective. The guests will be spontaneously curious – isn’t it the best mood to approach them with your message?