We live in an era of gamifications. Why not gamify your expo then? Here we got a cool treasure hunt game for you, aimed to engage and activate the participants. Their engagement will benefit all: they will gain more experience and the booths will perform better as well. 

The participants can log in on their smartphones to join the game. As they log in, the system asks for their email addresses and validates it. The email addresses can be shared with the exhibitors whose booths the players have visited. The email addresses are also used to notify the winners of the drawing of lots in the end of the event. 

Each of the booths may have a secret code which can be obtained by visiting them, or even by completing a minor task or, let’s make it sound more mighty, a “quest” at the booth. E.g. solving a little puzzle, talking to the host / hostess, something similar. This way the participants will be motivated to engage in all sorts of games and activities, provided by each of the exhibitors at their booths. 

You may reward the players who completed most of the “quests”, e.g. they might receive a free drink at the bar, in the end of the event. You may also have a drawing of lots to reward a few participants randomly. (Another reason to collect email addresses.) 

Another strong feature of this setup is that the exhibitors may receive the email addresses of the participants who completed the quest of their booths, giving a nice follow-up opportunity with good-quality leads.