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Stand out at the trade show

Between eye-catching graphics, fully loaded customizations, and real-time analytics, your Spin Wheel will be impossible to ignore at the trade show.

Why Duelbox?

Capture Attention With Ease.

Never let your brand fade into the background again. Eye catching designs and gameplay graphics that are made to get head turns. The Duelbox Spin Wheel is designed to stand out and encourage booth visitors.

Built-in lead management system means building your network with each spin. Before allowing visitors to spin, you can require any information you’d like such as their name, email, company, etc.

Stay on brand with fully-loaded customizations for a tailored message. Customize everything from the look and feel to the gameplay. Integrate your logos into the design and change the palette to your colors.

Automatically monitor your inventory with our built-in prize management system.​ Input your item quantities from the start. As prizes get claimed, the inventory quantities will automatically update in real-time.

Pre-made themes for any trade show

2022-07-28 13_45_54-Duelbox Big Screen


2022-07-28 13_39_24-Duelbox Big Screen


2022-07-28 13_33_31-Duelbox Big Screen


2022-07-28 13_33_45-Duelbox Big Screen


Hidden Gem Wheel

Hidden Gem

2022-07-28 13_01_23-Duelbox Big Screen


2022-07-28 13_00_24-Duelbox Big Screen


Cyberpunk Wheel


Don't take it from us

"We had a very successful show and Duelbox may even be getting some calls from competitors who were so impressed with the wheel that they may steal our execution!"
Kaitlin Obernauer, INSP
"We didn’t want people to download an app, or go through all sorts of other instructions to use it and Duelbox really helped us meet that need. We were able to have an easy log in process, a fun and engaging activity that was easy for people to log in and play and overall it was just a flexible platform."
Thomas, Impact 4 Good
Thomas Farndon, Impact 4 Good
"Really enjoyed working with Duelbox and will certainly be using it again. The game was great and really interactive. Everyone loved playing it and being able to customize it was fantastic."
Katie Clements First Event
Katie Clements, FirstEvent

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About Duelbox

Duelbox brings events to life. The Spin Wheel for trade shows is one of many games and activites we offer for all kinds of corporate events from conferences to team building days.

We believe in the power of fun and are passionate about boosting energy and engagement at events! Our greatest enemy is the repetitive, boring event and our secret weapon is games!