BrainBar is the biggest European festival on the future. We’ve been working with them since years now.

BrainBar brought us the concept of the Versus, a spectacular platform to battle two opposing statements. They used the Versus to involve the audience during the high-quality debates. As the debate progresses, the public constantly gives a feedback who they agree with the more. These sessions became an intellectual wrestling ground, where the best thinkers land their devastating mental punches and the audience cheers for them. High-quality entertainment it is!

Brainbar is a natural habitat of high-caliber new ideas: the Rating was used at a startup competition to choose the favorite of the audience. The competitor with the highest rating got a special prize.

The Q&A and the Quiz activities were used at various sessions. They are quite generic solutions that can make almost all events better.

One of the most important features why BrainBar chose us are the custom branding and the unique look and feel of Duelbox. You want a spectacular and branded show too? Sure thing!


We used these activities in this use-case. You can use them too!

Quiz Activity
Versus Activity
Q&A Activity
Rating Activity

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