Sales Training Maxed Out

One of our clients had their yearly conference and training day for their sales people. Around 1000 people attended a series of lectures. The topics covered by the lectures were huge, so they aided them by a quiz game. The quiz game, after each module, had questions on the related topics. This approach deepens learning as the participants immediately review the topics in a game after the lecture. 

The stakes of the quiz game were high. The best 6 players of the quiz game participated in an on-stage track running for valuable rewards. Not the classic running though. With our Runner activity, they had a spectacular race with a tablet in their hands. Not to mention, the visuals were amazing. But half of the success comes from the MC – who was a professional sports commentator at this event! The participants watching the race really felt like being in an arena watching a national cup

Our client managed to make a memorable day for their employees. They made the learning more efficient through a bit of gamification. And they made an awesome show in the end of the long day rewarding the participants. And it was brilliant and the atmosphere was awesome! Duelbox had a central role in this, however, the human factor is inevitable, especially a competent and professional MC. 


We used these activities in this use-case. You can use them too!

Quiz Activity
Leaderboard Activity
Runner Activity

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