Let’s Come Together…
While Staying Remote.

Social distancing? No problem!
Our virtual events platform is here to keep you connected.


We were developing tools for virtual events before they were cool

The Ultimate App for Audience Engagement at Virtual Events

Team building exercise? Industry conference? Focus group meeting?
Whatever your virtual events may be, the Duelbox Activity Bank has a solution for spicing it up:

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Our developers are up day & night creating fun new apps for you!

Video Done Your Way

Everyone has their communication preferences… So we went ahead and got the green light for Zoom, BlueJeans, Youtube Live, Twitch, and even live stream embeds.

Customizations Galore

Want to change up the colors and background images? Sure thing! We’ve got plenty of stunning visuals. Plus, you can upload your logo and customize the overall look to make your brand shine bright.

Don’t work too hard!
Automations will do it for you.

Sit back and let Duelbox automatically perform actions with Automations for your show.

On top of being super engaging, our activities are easy to program. You can automatically start a quiz, add high scorers to a raffle, or set up a lockout buzzer with custom sounds.

All, again, with zero technical kno-how necessary. Like magic!

So to sum it up… Why use Duelbox?

Well – Can other apps claim to be…


The Activity Bank is constantly growing to give you more and more interactive gadgets to play with.


We’re super flexible! Whatever your brand goals are, Duelbox can bend to help you reach them.

Easy to Use​

Give your techies the day off. With Duelbox, you can effortlessly design high-end, interactive events.


Reliable face-to-face communication is more important than ever. Even with a screen in between.

Looks Beautiful​

Candy for the brain and candy for the eye: Graphics and animations that’ll “wow” your audience.


Dig deep into your audience insights. And after the event, freely export your data for future use.


Track each participant’s scoring history. You’ll always be able to look back and see how each point was won.


Our robust cloud infrastructure has handled hundreds of events and thousands of participants. No problem.


Sit back, kick your feet up, and relax as Duelbox Automations takes care of all the dirty work for you.