Draw Lots

The luckiest of all please step forward! Every event has a little room for fortune.

You can light up the mood with the Draw Lots, as everyone loves a raffle, not to say, a little gambling. Choose the luckiest person – or the most unlucky, depending on the price ? – from all of the players. Or choose a random item from an uploaded list.

You can use the Draw Lots in many ways. Make a raffle to let someone win a special price, you may resolve a dead heat among the players, or select a difficult task to perform. Ignite your creativity and find the place of the Draw Lots activity, it will jazz up your event!

The Draw Lots has 3 modes:

  • Pick one of the players
  • Pick one of the players having the highest score
  • Select one item of the uploaded list

How Others Use It

These real-life events have put this activity into use. Read them and get inspired!

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