Spin Wheel

Step right up and let this wheel of luck decide your fate!

Spin wheels have long represented the ultimate game of chance. From Wheel of Fortune to the Price is Right, prize wheels are the go-to added element of luck into any great contest or game. Whether the Duelbox Spin Wheel is incorporated into a larger show or used as a standalone game, it will keep your audience on their toes with each unpredictable spin.

Made Easy

Leave those clunky prize wheels to the television shows. You can host the game on a big screen or let players spin the wheel directly on their device! The Duelbox Spin Wheel makes set up easy, doesn’t take up space, and can be customized with just a few clicks.

Know Your

This wheel of luck is great at grabbing attention wherever you are, but it also makes sure that your interaction doesn’t end there. You can easily require a name, email, or phone number to play. This way not only do players have fun, but you can also follow up with them afterwards!

Make It
Your Own

Create your own unforgettable prize wheel by adding your own logo and images for a feel that’s unique to your company. Use your specific brand colors, add as many slices as you’d like, have your images represent each slice, and decide the rules!

Spin wheel for trade shows

Features of this Wheel of Luck

Duelbox provides you with the power to make your game exactly what you want.

Extra Turns

Give your players a redo (or two)! Choose how many times you will allow players to spin.


Control the probabilities by setting the weight of each individual slice.


Upload custom images for each slice, the center of the wheel, and the prize screen.

Score Options

Award players the point value of the number they spin or the prize dedicated to each slice.


Pick out the number of slices, font size, any repeating slices, and spin time.

Wheel Speed

Empower players by letting them choose the speed at which they will spin the big wheel.

You can decide how to use the Spin Wheel! Just want a quick and simple game for a bit of luck? Feel free to choose from preset emojis, numbers, and wheel designs and get your game started. Want to overhaul the look and feel of the game? You can completely reskin the wheel and gameplay to make it your own with custom colors, images, and branding options!

Take These Ideas for a Spin

The Duelbox Spin Wheel can be used in a variety of ways. Get inspired!

Rock the Arena

Thousands of players can join the game simultaneously with each one having their own unique wheel. Put it on the big screen and let the winners redeem prizes!

Threecoworkers bonding icon

Build Teams

Customize the slices of your wheel to represent the people in your group! This creates a unique and exciting way to build teams or pick out individuals at random.

Connect at the Trade Show

Collect contact information by requesting it before players can spin. This will help you make sure you leave the trade show with new leads and connections.

Mix and Match

Combine with other games! Take a break mid-Trivia by letting players earn points from the wheel or recognize scavenger hunters with a reward at the end of their journey.

How Does It Work?

Creating your Trivia game is easy. Challenge yourself with the questions, not the set up!

Register for Free

Register a Free Account and create your show.

Customize the Experience

Next, add the Spin Wheel activity to your show. There you can add your entries for the slices, fit the settings to your needs, perfect the look and feel by adding your own personal branding to the game, and manage the game!

Invite Players

Players can join your show on their device by scanning a QR code or typing a URL into their browser. Once there, they will see a waiting screen until you start the game. No accounts or app downloads are needed for the players, making the entire experience seamless and headache-free.

What can Spin Wheel do for your trade show booth?

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