Race Game

This classic concept has been brought to life by captivating characters and a lively setting.

Nothing screams competition like a race. The speed and adrenaline captivates not only the contenders but also the audience. With Race Game, we don’t stray far from this proven concept. Although no sneakers are required, many players still break a sweat as they will their racers to go faster! And with kooky characters and spectacular settings, Race Game grabs the attention at any event.

the Energy

Get your audience revved up! Whether it’s a kick off game to warm up the crowd, a grand finale, or a game break anywhere in between, this spectacle is sure to shake the show.


Players participate on their own device while everyone else views the race in real-time on the big screen! This lets audience members cheer on the players and be part of the action.

Race on
Home Turf

No matter where you are, your players can feel at home with completely personalized gameplay. Customize the names, background, and even the characters themselves!

Features of Race Game​

Duelbox provides you with the power to make your game exactly what you want.


Make it your own by changing color schemes and adding images for backgrounds and logos.

Fill Up the Track

Want to add some extra competition? You can add bots to your race to make it even bigger.

Team Up

Don’t want to go it alone? You don’t have to with the option to create teams of any size.

Threecoworkers bonding icon

Small or Large Groups

Play with anywhere from one up to hundreds of different competitors on the race track.

Character Options

Race with eye-catching characters or upload your own images to give a more personal feel.

Sprint or Marathon

Choose your preferred length of race by having players do a short sprint or longer race.

Screenshot of Duelbox Race Game

Takes These Ideas and Run​

There’s lots of reasons to love Duelbox Race Game, and even more reasons to play it!

Group Event Kick Off

Want to kick off your event or conference with some excitement? Starting with a Race Game is a great way to raise the energy in the room. Add other Duelbox games to the event to integrate competition throughout. Scores carry over from game to game, meaning each one matters and your audience will stay engaged!

Break Up the Day

With long training days or endless meetings, it’s important to mix things up to keep spirits high. Race Game can provide some stress-busting relief and a bit of fun. No matter if you are working remotely or in-person, sometimes you need a break! Duelbox Race Game will re-energize your troops by giving them a chance to play together.

Threecoworkers bonding icon

Team Building

Whether you’re on a company team building retreat or just ending the day early to blow off some steam, Race Game can inject some healthy competition and fun that brings people together. Watch as people drop everything to go into a racing frenzy that truly can make you break a sweat from tapping your device!

How Does It Work?

Creating your Race Game is easy. Challenge yourself with the questions, not the set up!

Register for Free

Register a Free Account and create your show.

Customize the Experience

Next, add the Race Game activity to your show. There you can personalize your gameplay settings, perfect the look and feel by adding your own personal branding to the game, and manage the game!

Invite Players

Players can join your show on their device by scanning a QR code or typing a URL into their browser. Once there, they will see a waiting screen until you start the game. No accounts or app downloads are needed for the players, making the entire experience seamless and headache-free.

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