Everyone has a Quiz master inside – we just help you to coax it with a beautifully designed, professional framework.

A well-planned, smart quiz has no limits when thinking on how to use it:

  • Measure the knowledge of your audience and divide them into teams based on their scores
  • Check how much the participants remember of the show, so you’ll immediately know what topic should be repeated
  • Rookie in the team? Introduce him with a brief ice-breaker Quiz


  • Flexible framework with ABCD or Guess type quiz for creating exciting games
    • ABCD quiz: 2-6 possible answers
    • Guess type quiz: the more accurate the figure you type, the more points you’ll get
  • Flexible score options
  • Customize the game-play
  • Stunning animated charts showing real-time results

Similar Activities

The Single Player Quiz can be used if the players play independently of each other, e.g. on a tablet stand at a trade show. The Word Quiz offers interesting wordplay quiz games. The Poll is recommended if you are interested in the opinion of the participants rather than having a question with a correct solution.

How Others Use It

These real-life events have put this activity into use. Read them and get inspired!

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