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Live Audience Polling Must Haves

Not all live audience polling is created equal. There are some features that are must haves. Here, we break down the most important ones. 

Live audience polling is a great way to keep crowds engaged. Not only does it give you a chance for free data and feedback, but it also draws attendees in by giving them an opportunity to make a small contribution and affect the show.

If you are trying to make an event or speaking engagement more exciting, a good audience polling app is sure to get the job done. Emphasis on the word “good”. 

Naturally, not all programs are created equal. In this article, we take a look at what features are important on the best polling software. 

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Mobile Accessibility

These days, almost everyone has smartphones with them at all times. And, ever since early 2020, the general population also has a fairly strong aversion to touching things that have been in a stranger’s hands. That means that audience polling technology that requires third-party hardware might not be a very popular option.

Consider looking into polling software that allows audience members to write in from their phones. It’s easy, and it’s sure to be more appreciated than the alternative. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about making expensive hardware replacements over time. Score another one for the cloud!

Live Audience Polling Customization

Naturally, you also want to have a lot of wiggle room in the display template. Every event has its own mood. Ideally, you will be able to match the optics of your polling tech to coordinate well with the tone of the event itself. White may be good for a wedding, but is a little boring for a corporate event. Being able to add in your own branding and images is a huge bonus as well.

The more customization your tech has, the more mileage you will ultimately get out of it. 

Hybrid Compatibility

62% of event planners responded that they will accommodate a virtual audience even after live events return in full. With so many events operating as hybrid affairs where some attendees are in-person and some are remote, it’s crucial that your live audience polling software can work for both groups simultaneously. Allowing remote attendees to contribute to the same live poll as their in-person counterparts is critical to help them feel engaged. Hybrid events are here to stay and audience engagement is as important as ever. It can be more of a challenge for remote attendees, that’s why it’s crucial to make sure they can be involved in your audience polls.

Q&A Option

Q&A and polling go hand in hand. Having the option to include Q&A time during your live polling is a great addition to really make your interaction with the audience a two way street. And orchestrating your Q&A through software on the audience’s phone is a huge upgrade from the ol-fashioned method of standing in line for the microphone.

This feature is good for several reasons. One, it replaces the distracting, bothersome lines that used to be required. It also makes Q&A more accessible—not everyone is able to stand in line—and not to mention less germy. With this feature on your polling software, it will no longer be necessary. 

Live Audience Polling – Conclusion

Polls are a great tool for your next engagement. So, to get the most out of your poll, make sure it has all the features listed above.

At Duelbox, we have two different types of polls that are made specifically for in-person, hybrid, and remote events. We have a traditional poll that allows the audience to answer any simple question. We also have a gamified poll called Versus that can be used for questions with only two answers. You’ll see both sides battle it out in real time as they push back and forth as more and more votes come in.

We also have a dedicated Q&A that can be linked to your Poll, that way you can easily allow your audience to ask you anything directly. All of our interactive games can be customized to the max with your own colors and images. Consider our solutions for live audience polling next time you have a show!

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