Duelbox Use-Cases and Examples

Duelbox is a versatile, many-sided application. We have used it in so many situations, and it solved us so many problems that it’s hard to enumerate. Here are some examples and use-cases.

Need a fast ice-breaker? We have the tools to boost your event, create a cheerful atmosphere, and make the participants feel at ease.

Break the ice ➜

Need to spice up your team buildings? Hey, got you something! Check out our new games and tools that can make a team building more awesome. Of course we cannot take your place at a team building, but we can help you make team buildings more fun and we do make your life easier with Duelbox.

Start building that team now ➜

Wanna make a contest game? Well, we’ve got the tools for you. Come and check out our solutions to make your contest games so much more fun! And we’ve got more. Wanna make a Game Show? With Duelbox, you can make a full-fledged, awesome Game Show at your events, like the ones on television. We’ve got the tools and the games for your that make game shows available and affordable at any events. And we’ve got the tools to make your life easier as well. No need to calculate score summaries on paper!

Bring on the Contests and Game Shows ➜

These examples will surely inspire your creativity. Use Duelbox to make an even better show for yourself!

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