Sights and Sounds From The European Fencing Championship

At the European Fencing Championship, fans enjoyed playing various Duelbox games in between the competitions.

What is the official language of fencing? Fans answered this question and more during one of our games at the U23 European Fencing Competition last week.

(It’s French by the way 😉)

En garde!

European fencing championship big screen

European Fencing Championship

Duelbox was on the scene for the U23 European Fencing Championship, bringing fun in between the duels. We were able to bring Duelbox classic games like Race Game and Live Trivia, along with a special preview of a new game that will be available to all Duelbox users soon. 👀

This was the the first event for our new game, and the fans loved it! More on that new game to come, stay tuned.

Sight and Sounds

Have a look at scenes from the event.

Big screen
The big screen with the Duelbox joining instructions.

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