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The Magic of the Trade Show Spin Wheel

In-person trade shows are back and stronger than ever. Make an impact at your next one with a supercharged spin wheel.

Trade shows are making a comeback. Although Covid is not over, the business world has more or less returned to normal when it comes to live events. That means now is the perfect time to make a big splash at your next massive business gathering with a Spin Wheel.

The problem? Getting noticed. There are lots and lots of vendors. Making sure people stop and engage with you is no easy task. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get noticed at your next trade show. 

Trade show booth visitors playing spin wheel

Choose a Good Location

They say location is everything. It’s as true for a business on Main Street as it is for you at your next trade show. 

If you are given the opportunity to choose your booth location, it’s important to register early and find yourself a prime location. Although spots near the entrance naturally get a lot of passersby, they can easily become congested with traffic in and out of the venue. This makes it difficult for attendees to settle in and feel comfortable at booths located here, with most of the surrounding crowds transiting past your area.

In general, you want to centralize your location, especially if there is a bar or food court in the middle of the venue. People are more likely to congregate here than they are by the sides. 

Location is key, but more importantly you need something to convince people to visit your booth. That’s where the spin wheel comes in.

Grab Attention With a Spin Wheel

A great way to catch the eye of attendees is to have games and giveaways at your booth. A spin wheel does both of these things at once! 

Spin wheels are naturally eye-catching with their spiraling colors and the resulting giveaways once it comes to a stop. It’s hard to ignore the hypnotic spinning wheel and the excited players who are winning prizes. Bonus points for spin wheels that go above and beyond with engaging gameplay graphics.

But spin wheels are good for more than just attracting eyeballs.

Lead Generation

Before allowing visitors to spin, you can require any information you’d like such as their name, email, company, phone number, etc. Using the spin wheel as an incentive will increase the amount of leads you gain. Then, after you’ve provided a positive experience for them at your booth, you can follow up with them after the show to further your relationship.

Build Your Brand

Spin wheels should also offer a chance to send your message and strengthen your brand. Choose a spin wheel that allows you to customize it to fit the feel and message for your company.

The spin wheel doesn’t have to just be a sideshow, it can deliver your message in style by incorporating your logo, brand colors, and messaging. 

Win Over the Crowd With a Spin Wheel

With the right spin wheel, you can make a big splash at the tradeshow. At Duelbox, we are proud to provide a spin wheel that does all of the above and more. We dare you to find another spin wheel with more to offer! With customizable content, premade templates, options for slice probabilities, and live analytics, you simply can’t ask for more. We’re confident you’ll like it; register for free to give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think.

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