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Turning Point in Stadium Goer Preferences

A new report from Oracle finds sports fans want a fully integrated, seamless and immersive stadium experience.

A new report has been released from Oracle about the changing preferences and expectations of in-stadium fans at sports events. It points to a changing landscape of stadium goer expectations. Let’s break down the main points.

New Stadium Goer Preferences

Oracle’s research highlights how the experience for in-person fans at sporting events is changing and will likely continue to change moving forward.

According to their research from Untold Insights, sports fans want more technology in stadiums. One that allows their experience to be self-guided, rather than relying on the human touch.

This quote in particular hits on the core finding:

“For the first time ever, over half of fans prefer using technology over interacting with staff during live stadium events.”

Changes in the Wake of the Pandemic

The pandemic forced all industry, including sports organizations, to quickly adapt their offering to accommodate for the new reality.

It turns out, people didn’t mind all of the contactless solutions that were implemented during the pandemic. And now, many fans are asking for things like pre ordering food before entering the stadium and automated ticketing.

Like anything, once people get used to something it is very difficult to then take it away from them. This is not a bad thing. But it represents a permanent change to the fan experience.

Overall Fan Experience

The overall fan experience is in flux. As we adapt to in-person being back in full swing, the new technologies brought in during the pandemic are finding their place. There is some stickiness to the digital solutions that were ushered in over the past few years, with many of them now being an expectation of fans.

How Does This Affect Fan Engagement?

We are now in a world where the digital experiences rule supreme. Even in-person sporting events are now dominated by bigger, better, and more screens. They are no longer limited to where the game action is taking place, but can now be found all over the concourse.

Contactless experiences with screens is now the primary place for fan engagement to occur.

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