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Duelbox April Update

QR codes for Scavenger Hunt and a new in-app walkthrough headline this month’s updates in Duelbox. Stay tuned for big news soon!

Duelbox is always growing and improving! Here are the biggest updates from April.

QR codes in Scavenger Hunt

In Scavenger Hunt, you are no longer limited to 4 digit codes to unlock stations! Instead of a numeric code for each station, you now have the option to instead require players to scan a QR code! You can generate QR codes for each station right inside of Duelbox. From there, you can print them out and stick them anywhere you please, or hide them somewhere digitally!

This increases the fun for participants who now get to use their camera, but also makes the game more streamlined for organizers! This is an opt-in option. To turn on QR codes for your Scavenger Hunt, go to the Game settings as seen below.

Screen recording showing how to turn on the QR codes setting in Scavenger Hunt.

Duelbox Dashboard Walkthrough

After receiving feedback on the need for more guidance for new users, we’ve created a walkthrough within the Duelbox Dashboard to show you around! This walkthrough takes you through the basics of Duelbox. It shows you how to add Games and Activities, how to customize them, and how to go live!

All you have to do is open your Duelbox Dashboard and it will pop up. And if you want to find it again for more practice, just click on the sign post icon on your Status Bar in your Duelbox Dashboard. It is outlined in red below:

New Question Types For Single Player Quiz

For the Single Player Quiz we now have two new question types: Anagram and Puzzle Board! Here’s descriptions of the new question types.

  • Anagram requires the participant to correctly unscramble a word before the timer runs out.
  • Puzzle Board is a fill-in-the-blank question where participants must correctly identify a word based off of only some of its letters.

This will be coming soon as a standalone Game as well so it can be used for groups!

Game On!

Those are the biggest updates for April! Make sure to keep an eye out because we have some very big news coming soon. 🤫

Stay tuned!

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