Virtual Ice Breaker Game Guide

Kicking off your meeting or event with a virtual ice breaker game is a great way to grab attention and boost engagement.

Virtual meetings have a way of feeling distant and disconnected. However, they are also more prominent than ever. Businesses that wish to get the most out of their virtual meetings need to find a way to liven them up. 

Enter the ice breaker game. 

Ice breaker games have a way of setting a fun, playful tone while also enabling workers to establish bonds with one another. In this article, we take a look at the best virtual ice breaker game for your next meeting.

Remote employee playing a virtual ice breaker game 

Show and Tell

Yes, that show and tell. It may be silly, but this kindergarten game can do a lot of good for adults who want to get to know each other a little better. To adapt this game to the virtual space, ask your staff to bring in an item that will help everyone better understand them. 

Depending on the pace you want to set, you can have everyone explain their item with a few sentences, or go for a longer-form game that focuses on one team member per meeting. 

This virtual ice breaker game establishes a friendly, conversational tone for the meeting while also giving your team the chance to get to know each other better. 

Prompt and Answer

Consider starting every meeting with a question. There’s no need to wax on the meaning of life here. The prompt can be very simple. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? What is your dream vacation? Your favorite book, show, etc.

What’s important is finding a question that is light but also personal enough to give your staff the chance to reveal a part of their personality if they so choose. 

Ask the question and then go around the virtual room giving everyone the chance to answer it. Depending on how big your staff is, this game shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes. Once it’s complete, your staff will know each other better, and they will also be primed for a productive meeting.

Live Trivia – A Classic Virtual Ice Breaker Game

A round of Live Trivia can be a great, quick way to get your meeting off to an upbeat start. Of course, the emphasis, in this case, is on the word “quick.”

To make it work, keep your quiz to around 3-5 questions. At this length, you should be able to allow everyone a chance to get a good feel for the game without it taking over your meeting.

For bonus points, consider making the quiz oriented around topics related to your office or fellow employees. Not only will your employees have fun with the personal touch but it will build some camaraderie through your commonalities.

Race Game

Race Game, a virtual ice breaker game

At Duelbox we created a high-energy ice breaker: Race Game. Players participate on their own device by quicking tapping between two buttons as fast as they can. Meanwhile, everyone can view the race in real-time on a shared meeting screen. This game is lively and excites everyone in seconds. Plus, all of the elements of this game, including the racing characters themselves, can be fully customized to your audience.

Virtual Ice Breaker Game Conclusion

Having a virtual ice breaker game is a great way to kick off any meeting or event. Make sure to include one at your next event to boost audience engagement from the get go.

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