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Virtual Retreat for Your Company

The virtual retreat allows people from all over the planet to come together virtually, building relationships and developing valuable skills in the process.

The virtual retreat is a phrase that is very descriptive of the time we are in. People are at once separate and looking for connections. The workplace has moved to the digital sphere since the onset of Covid-19, and while many of the developments were positive, people have struggled to find the same connections they once had at the water cooler. And while many employees are back in-person, it’s common for most companies to have at least some staff working remotely.

Digital retreats are the answer to these missed connections, bringing virtual workers together so they can connect in an environment that is designed to facilitate bonds and improve relationships. 

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Choose Your Platform Wisely

People all over the world have become very familiar with a whole host of telecommunication tools. Most companies with a virtual work staff will already be well versed in many of these tools. Your existing technology may indeed be the perfect option for what you are trying to achieve with your virtual retreat.

However, before you select your default, take a moment to consider your needs. How do you want people to be able to communicate? Should it all be video? What about virtual event platforms that are more than just a Zoom call?

Consider your need for the ability to create multiple private rooms for team-building exercises and break out sessions. And what about the motif? Does your current technology have themes that suit the mood you are trying to set? 

There are easy-to-use platforms that can be leased temporarily that may be more conducive to facilitating a retreat than your existing tech stack. 

Gamify Your Virtual Retreat

The right combination of games can help put people in the right frame of mind. Gamifying retreats is a fun way to spice up a concept everyone is already familiar with. Digital retreats can be at risk of feeling a lot like a regular working day without the right flare. Luckily, gamification can be done digitally.

By stirring in a virtual Scavenger Hunt, or Live Trivia event, you can help people not only engage with the event in a new, and more fulfilling way, but you can also create an opportunity for friendships to emerge. 

Workplace relationships are a conduit for increased job satisfaction, higher retention, and better performance. Gamifying your events is one way you can create a workplace environment your employees will love. 

Expect the Best, Plan for the Worst for Your Virtual Retreat

Virtual meetings of any kind have a way of hiccupping. Another way to put it? They are packed to the brim with human moments. Dogs bark, babies cry, spouses walk back and forth in the background. Internet connections fail, microphones go out, cameras get grainy…

These things happen. People got used to them a long time ago and it’s irrational to frame the success or failure of your event on how uncontrollable variables unfold. Plan a great event, make every contingency you can for the possibility of glitches in the process, and then relax! 

You’ve planned a mindful retreat that your staff will look back on fondly. No one remembers the mistakes. Especially not when you’ve put together a well-thought-out, carefully gamified retreat. 

Duelbox for Your Virtual Retreat

At Duelbox we specialize in gamifying virtual retreats to make them fun and memorable! Try Duelbox for free by signing up today to see what it’s all about.

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