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Team Building Solutions

Unforgettable Introductions

Make your new employees known by centering a game around them! Create a get-to-know-you icebreaker Live Trivia game all about your new employees. For multiple new employees you can have each of them submit a few fun facts about themselves and have everyone else guess who they belong to! Additionally, you can add in questions about specific new employees such as “In what state was Deandra born?”

Introducing employees through games like this will help team cohesion by allowing everyone to learn a little bit about the newbies! Compared with small talk, introductions done this way are more likely to result in the more tenured employees retaining more about their new coworkers. Plus it will provide some material for people to talk about with new employees moving forward, allowing those connections to form even faster.

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Strengthen Teamwork

Give your employees a chance to work together towards a common goal outside of their job description. Host a Scavenger Hunt at the office or somewhere new to give your employees a chance to cooperate in a fun way! Break out your employees into small groups and set them off on their quest. This will naturally give everyone the opportunity to showcase their strengths and weaknesses and improve their intra-team communication skills.

Providing a fun opportunity for everyone to hone their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking outside of their usual work is a great way for your employees to grow together.

Reward Employees

Recognition is huge when it comes to creating positive attitudes at work. It shows employees that their work is appreciated. But why stop at verbal recognition when you can really show how much everyone is valued with games and prizes! 

Each month, choose a department that really crushed it on a recent project or just a few individual employees who have done work worthy of acknowledgement recently. Bring them all together for a Race Game in front of the office! And although part of the reward is the fun itself, you could take it a step further and designate spins on the Spin Wheel depending on what place a contestant gets. This would be where employees get to take home rewards depending on what their prize wheel lands on.

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Build Comradery

Create a close-knit community at the office through the power of games. Host a Live Trivia night (or day!) where employees team up and answer customized questions about whatever you’d like! Although this game can be played individually, we recommend breaking everyone into teams so as to build communication skills and friendship among teammates. This works great for remote workers to join in as well. They can log in to the same live game from their home or anywhere else with an internet connection.

This event would strengthen relationships not only through the teamwork and competition, but through the quiz itself. Add inside jokes, company history questions, or anything else that only your employees would know. Live Trivia is surely to be memorable and to bring your company together.

Trivia Training

What about literal team building? When you have new employees joining your team, a few days of training videos and tutorials is typical. But who can sit through 8 hours of passively staring at a screen and honestly say they retained it all? Duelbox can make training new hires more effective by gamifying orientation materials!

Integrate Live Trivia into your onboarding materials to quiz new hires after they complete each section of training! Not only does this break up the training but it makes sure your new hires are on track with an engaging question format! Add in custom, multiple choice questions about the material and even throw in a few fun questions to liven up the whole experience! With Duelbox, training will never be the same again.

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