Team Building Games

Competition is a core element of team building, and you always measure the performance and success of teams with some kind of scoring. Duelbox can help, with its precise, real-time digital scoring system, to bring your team building to the next level. You may use some sort of paper-based solution but you may not know how much easier your life could be with digital scoring tools. With pen & paper you always have to collect and add up the results from different stages/activities manually. That’s why it’s easy to make a mistake in calculations. It’s also difficult to share the intermediate results with the teams or the organizers.

With digital scoring you can record scores simultaneously at different stages, and the results are aggregated automatically. You can even show the scores immediately to the teams, as everything is instantly available online instantly. Moreover, you can show the results on a fancy Leaderboard so they’ll also know how well they’ve performed compared to the others. This will give a boost to the competitive spirit of the teams.

Scoring from the facilitator side is also a piece of cake. All they need is an online smart device at each station and to prepare the names of the stations in Duelbox Scoring activity. The facilitator first selects its designated stage, and whenever a team arrives at that stage, he only needs to select the team on the screen. After the team has completed the activity for that stage the facilitator can enter the scores they have collected.

Optionally, the teams can also follow the results in real-time if they log in to Duelbox (one device per team).

If you want to spice up your team building, you can also add some online activities to the offline games, e.g. have a digital Quiz besides the sharpshooting and track running stages. If you’re organizing a geocaching game, you can prepare interesting questions about the famous historical places of the city. Whenever they arrive to one of these selected places let them answer the question regarding that place via their smartphone. The game gets even more exciting when they can find the solution especially for that place, e.g. let them look for some hidden message on a statue or on a building. It is also recommended to give only a short time to answer the question.

We believe that our tools can take your team buildings to the next level.