Now we’re talking! Here we have a full-featured conference setup with lots of interactive games and activities for your event. With this setup, you can really keep the attention and the focus of the participants. And as the saying goes, ‘Focus is the new IQ’, it is one of the most valuable assets today.

Let’s see what happens to the attendees.

As the attendees arrives at the venue of your conference, the hosts / hostesses are awaiting them with a tablet in their hands. Just a quick search, pressing a button, and voilà, check-in completed! No more long check-in lines, waiting, messing with the printed list of names. 

As the attendees check in, their names appear on the Big Screen via the Welcome activity. We’ve got two birds with one stone here. First, this smooth welcome message builds a friendly atmosphere among the attendees, as they immediately feel welcomed. Furthermore, having their names displayed on the big screen helps the networking later on. It’s much better to remember someone if you have seen their name before, isn’t it? 

During the sessions you can use the Q&A and the Poll activities to get the feedback of the participants. You might want to coordinate your speakers to prepare polls for their lectures, and to be ready to answer during the Q&A session in the end of the lectures. Imagine if the sessions would not only consist of frontal speeches but rather an interactive thinking together. Well, we had loved such a school… But now you can make this happen! 

In addition to the polls and the questions of the audience you might want to have a Quiz game in the end of each of the sessions. This helps deepening the topics learned during the lectures. You know, ‘repetition is retention’. 

Besides supporting learning and being fun, quiz has another purpose. At the end of the event you can reward the best quizzers. Show the results on the Leaderboard and let the winner receive the prize of the 1st place! 

You can have a drawing of lots as well, to reward a few lucky people from the audience. This will be a huge show, not to mention, another reason for them to stay until the very end of the event. 

This is the technical background you need for a professional, bleeding edge, spectacular conference. With this setup, you can make the ultimate conference that will captivate the attention of the participants and will be an amazing experience they will never forget. 

Note that this setup is recommended for experienced conference organizers, as there are multiple activities you have to prepare for and manage throughout the show. At the end of the day, it’s gonna be a huge adventure for the attendees and you can rest assured: they will keep their attention on the topics of your conference.