Manual Score

This is a Beta Activity and soon it will be released publicly. 
Contact us if you want to use it right now!

With the Manual Score activity, you can manage the scores of your offline activities with Duelbox. This will make your life much easier.

Do you have a track running race where scores are awarded? The facilitator or referee can save the scores with the Manual Score on their smart devices. Is there a sharp shooting contest? Have the guide there award the scores the same way.

Use a single Manual Score activity to manage the scores of several offline activities. You can display the results of each activity with our Leaderboard activity.

  • Scoring for unlimited offline activities
  • Unlimited referees / facilitators can use it independently
  • Use it with a smart device
  • The Leaderboard can display the results of each offline stage one-by-one
  • The players’ total scores will include both the scores from Manual Score, and the scores of Duelbox activities (e.g. Quiz).


Manual Score Activity

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