Talking About Customization?

This showcase demonstrates how you can customize even the simplest events. With a little thought you can create something really unique and exclusive, no matter how simple is your use-case. 

One of the larger automotive companies regularly has an end-year conference for their employees in one of their manufacturing factories. There are the standard speeches you might expect at such an event. However, the company wanted to reward their employees, so they decided to have a lot for them with valuable rewards. But having some names drawn from the hundreds of papers in a glass vessel… well, kinda boring, isn’t it?

Rare footage of cars being born.

Even a simple lot can be transformed into a spectacular show! That’s what happened here. The CEO of the company stood on the stage, having an iPad in his hand. On the iPad there was a large logo of the company waiting to be pressed. Having the attention of everyone, the CEO pressed the button. As the Draw Lots began rolling on the big screen, the sound of the new roadster started roaring from the speakers. As the sound of the car faded out, the big screen showed the name of the lucky winner in the waves of confetti.

This event is far from being the biggest show in the history of Duelbox. But we love this use-case for knowing what it wants and executing it properly. This is an unusual use-case where the audience did not participate with their smartphones. However, it’s one of the best customizations we’ve seen. The sound of the roadster and the company logo as a Buzzer button made the show really unique. You see, there’s much room for uniqueness besides uploading a logo and a background picture!

Ain’t the biggest show ever, but it’s an honest work, doing properly what it was meant to do.

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