Runner for Expos with Branding

Runner at a Trade Show
Suit-compatible track running for expos and trade shows! This one features advanced branding options, you can change the cute running characters if you want to.
Quick Info
⏰ Est. duration:
2 min / running
👤 Minimum participants:
👥 Maximum participants:
🌟 Included addons:
Custom Branding
💵 Starting price:
$ 100
Template Details

So you are familiar with our suit-compatible track running game. (If not, check the free template first!) This template presents you the same awesomeness for your booth but with advanced branding. What does it mean? First, you can upload your logo that will appear on the Big Screen (big TV) and on the tablets. Second, you can change the avatars in the runner game! This means that you can use the characters of your brand in Duelbox!

Our customers have already used this customized runner with camels, trucks, child toys and various other characters. This is another excellent opportunity to leave a great impression of your brand. The players will surely remember if they have played and won with the characters of your brand. However, the default cutesy of Duelbox is always available if you don’t want to create your own graphics.

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