9+1 Killjoys That Will Ruin Your Competition

Imagine this. Your big show is coming up. It might be one of the first interactive events you organize – it might be the umpteenth one. Nevertheless, as the organizer you’re a bit nervous. Everything has to go smoothly, that event must be perfect. You are wondering: what could possibly go wrong? Here are 9+1 […]

The Success Story of Family Feud

On a hot summer night in July 1976 – probably nowhere near as hot as today, but still pretty warm though – Mark Goodson’s new game show took America by storm. Family Feud was not exactly an instant hit, but people quickly grew accustom to the format. 40 years later it’s still one of the […]

Why Competition is in our Blood

Love it or hate it – competition is in our blood. There are many reasons why, but basically it comes down to two important factors. First, we are all humans. And second: competitions are fun to participate in. You will find that contests are literally everywhere from social interactions to economy from romance to foreign […]

Rock Your Audience with Gamification Apps

“If you think of the reality of sitting in the audience at an event, you pick up your phone, and the event organizer has about 10 seconds to capture your attention before you’re distracted by Candy Crush,” – says Aaron Price, co-founder of one of the most renowned event gamification apps, Livecube. A good way to […]

Duelbox Use-Cases and Examples

Duelbox is a versatile, many-sided application. We have used it in so many situations, and it solved us so many problems that it’s hard to enumerate. Here are some examples and use-cases.